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HWW Museum Mannequins designs and produces ultra-realistic display mannequins for museums, companies, research institutes and collectors.

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Create your own unique museum mannequins

Our silicone and fibreglass heads and arms are compatible with our flexible figures and fibreglass mannequins.

If you can’t find your optimal configuration, please contact us and we will help you with a solution.

We can create custom-made display figures according to your wishes, or you can order out-of-the-box products in our webshop.

We make look-alike display heads on request

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Customized airbrushed heads

The heads above and below come from the same mold. The upper heads are specially painted with many extra details.
Airbrushed male heads »
Airbrushed female heads »
Realistic male heads »
Realistic female heads »

Museums, companies and private (militaria) collectors from all over the world use our museum figures. We proudly present the results in our customer gallery. Are you next?
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