Using a 1:2 scale tailor’s bust offers several advantages when making clothes

tailor's bust scale model 1:2

Accurate Fit
A scaled sartorial bust gives a detailed representation of the human form in smaller proportions. This makes it possible to accurately fit and adjust the garments to the correct proportions. Using a scale model helps to minimize fit errors before the garment is made to full size.

Time and Cost Savings
Making full size clothes can be time consuming and costly, especially if multiple adjustments are required. A scale model allows designers, tailors and fashion professionals to explore different designs, fabrics and fits before proceeding to create the final garment.

Creative Experimentation
Scale models offer scope for creative experimentation without directly affecting the use of expensive fabrics or the use of human models. Designers can try different styles, patterns, and embellishments to see how they look in miniature before applying them to full size.

Better Presentation
A scale model can be used to present garments to customers, clients or teachers. The visual aspect of the scale model can help to clearly communicate the design concept before the actual garment is manufactured.

Technical Refinement
Using a scale model can help designers fine-tune technical aspects of the garment before moving on to full-scale practicality. This can range from testing complex seams to experimenting with new construction techniques.

Education and Training
Scale models are also useful for educational purposes. Students in fashion and apparel design schools can learn about pattern drawing, fit, and construction with scale models before moving on to full size.

Storage and Presentation
Scale models take up less space than full sartorial busts, which is useful for storage and presentation purposes. They can be used in shop windows, trade shows, fashion shows and educational settings.

All in all, the use of a 1:2 scale tailor’s bust offers advantages in terms of accuracy, creativity, time and cost savings and presentation, and is a valuable tool in the creation and development of garments.

Our scaled tailor’s bust:

DFF-F23 Scale model 1:2 Ladies Dress form

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