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Exhausted German WWII-soldier

Private collector Patrick collects militaria and wanted to complete his diorama with a soldier who looked exhausted. He chose a head on our site and asked if we could adjust the make-up/painting to his wishes. We made the eyes extra red-rimmed, emphasized the wrinkles and added dirt and dust effects here and there. We can …

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King Magnus of Livonia and his wife Maria by Exporabbit


Magnus, king of Livonia and his wife Maria Vladimirovna of Staritsa. Magnus of Denmark or Magnus of Holstein (5 September [O.S. 26 August] 1540 – 28 March [O.S. 18 March] 1583) was a Prince of Denmark, Duke of Holstein, and a member of the House of Oldenburg. As a vassal of Tsar Ivan IV of …

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