Ashburton Fire Museum

The Vintage Collection Of The Ashburton Volunteer Fire Brigade

The Ashburton Fire Museum is the heritage collection of the Ashburton Volunteer Fire Brigade which was founded in 1874.

The brigade has a lengthy and proud history of service and has been fortunate to preserve many of the antique, vintage and classic appliances which have served Ashburton along with uniforms, equipment, memorabilia and photographic records.

The museum is operated by Grey Watch, a collective of firefighters, former firefighters and enthusiasts who have a passion to showcase the AVFB history.

The museum is located in a purpose-built facility at the Plains Museum and Heritage Village, situated within the Tinwald Domain, Ashburton.

The exhibition is theatrically lit, and features an audio visual big screen presentation, “Striving With A Will To Save”.

Ashburton Fire Museum
39 Morris Road,
RD 2, Ashburton 7772
New Zealand

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