Catweazle (2021 movie)


During the production of the movie, silicone figures were rented from us as requisites. They were used as a nobleman, farmers, a landlady, knight, monks and merchants.

By using real-life museum figures as extras during the height of the corona epidemic, risks to actors were reduced.

12-year-old Benny (Julius Weckauf) discovers the oddball magician Catweazle (Otto Waalkes) in his cellar, who has accidentally catapulted himself from the 11th century into the present day. Together, the two embark on an adventure to reclaim Catweazle’s magic wand before the rapacious art expert Dr. Metzler (Katja Riemann) can auction it off for a profit. For only with this wand can Catweazle return to his own time…

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