Erfgoed Museum Asse

Project by Agilas vzw

Roman potter in his studio

© Foto: Kristine Magerman, Agilas vzw.

Erfgoed Museum Asse (EMA)

The museum has three rooms: a reception area where temporary exhibitions can be organized, a section about the Roman past of Asse (realized by Agilas) and a section about the history of the Oud Gasthuis (realized by Ascannia).

In the section about the Roman past, a number of artifacts are exhibited that were excavated in Asse. They illustrate the important role that Asse played in this corner of the Roman empire. In the section about the Old Guest House, a part of the old pharmacy is being brought back to life.

Agilas vzw

Agilas vzw is the archaeological association in Asse (Belgium) that is mainly engaged in the exploration, excavation, securing and making known the archaeological heritage in the municipality of Asse and surroundings. This is done, among other things, by holding field inspections, carrying out excavations, preserving the many finds in a heritage depot, organizing lectures and exhibitions and publishing the excavation results.

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