Magnus, king of Livonia and his wife Maria Vladimirovna of Staritsa. Magnus of Denmark or Magnus of Holstein (5 September [O.S. 26 August] 1540 – 28 March [O.S. 18 March] 1583) was a Prince of Denmark, Duke of Holstein, and a member of the House of Oldenburg. As a vassal of Tsar Ivan IV of Russia, he was the titular King of Livonia from 1570 to 1578.


Founded in 2005 in Tallinn, Estonia, Exporabbit creates conceptual solutions for exhibitions, installations and immersive environments. Our clients include museums, science discovery centers, as well as private companies. Our works can be found in Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Latvia, France and Switzerland.

The themes of our exhibitions are very diverse: history, music, scientific achievements, health, environment, climate and natural resources.

Exporabbit Is OÜ PULT Trademark.
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