About the Glomdal Museum

Glomdalsmuseet is a cultural history museum for Solør and Østerdalen. The museum park contains 92 houses from this area. The multicultural Hedmark is also an important theme the museum is working on. Since 2000, the Glomdal Museum has had national responsibility for documenting the culture and history of the Romani people / Tatare.

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Anno – Museums in Hedmark
Anno is made up of small and large museums all over the County of Hedmark —from local village open-air museums to museums of national and international importance.

Glomdalsmuseet permanent expositions

Latjo drom

The culture and history of the Romani people / Tatere in Norway is one of the major investments at the Glomdal Museum. Among other things, an exhibition, which is one of the museum’s biggest attractions.


There are 196,503 people living in Hedmark. Who are we? The exhibition “#hedmarking” is made to show the diversity in Hedmark. The exhibition shows who lives here, who we have been and who we are. It also focuses on differences and challenges of living side by side in an increasingly diverse society.

From sword to tank – Hedmark’s military history through 1000 years

The Glomdal Museum’s military history exhibition provides a historical overview of military history and war history in Hedmark, with national and international conditions as a backdrop.

Old doctor

The exhibition “Gammeldoktoren” is unique in a Nordic context. It is the only exhibition that deals with the history of the district doctor, the general practitioner in the period around 1850 to 1950 in a broad and contemporary presentation.

FORM -Norwegian style history and folk art

The theme in Form is folk art and style history from Solør and Østerdal. The exhibition tells about changing trends and impulses from home and abroad, about the taste and pleasure of the farmer, the craftsman, the official and the church. The exhibition shows the local style-historical development from the Renaissance to Art Deco in the 20th century. The objects you find here are among the finest in the museum’s collection.


The pharmacy exhibition with equipment is taken from Rena apotek and the pharmacy Ørnen in Gjøvik. Here you get an insight into the world of laboratory technicians where medicines were mixed and made according to the doctor’s instructions …

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