Heididorf Maienfeld

Welcome to Heidi’s Dörfli (little village), the only original one in the world – Heidi lived in this village!

In my beautiful little Heidi Dörfli, I have the most beautiful views, the dearest people and animals, and more than anything else, my goats Schwänli and Bärli. In the evening, I like to sit by candlelight or an oil lantern with my dear Alpöhi on Heidialp. In the village there is only one road, on which the horses and carts can drive. There are no automobiles. In winter, there is no place to shop and the path to the village is difficult. Therefore, we bake bread ourselves and get fresh milk from the goat stall. We make our own cheese and do the haying, planting and harvesting so that we and our animals have enough to eat throughout the winter.

Experience emotional time travel back to the Swiss mountain world of the 19th century – back to the time of Heidi. In the Heididorf above Maienfeld, visitors can immerse themselves in the middle of the little village – the Dörfli – described in Johanna Spyri’s world famous novel.

Heidi has inspired and thrilled children from around the world for decades and even makes the heart beat faster in adults. Despite her international fame in books, musicals, cartoon series and movies, our Heidi has not forgotten where her roots are. Because nowhere in the world is Heidi’s appearance and personality more noticeable than in Heididorf – the original from the world-famous Heidi story.


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