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Early Edo Samurai Armor at display mannequin

This rare and valuable samurai armor from the early Edo period (also called the Tokugawa period) is displayed on a standard torso with a black faceless head placed on top. The flexible arms have a black cover.

3D image of the sumarai armor:

Mandarin Mansion Antiques
Mandarin Mansion Antiques owner Peter Dekker is researcher at heart, dealer by trade. He helps museums and private individuals understand and expand their collections. Each of his pieces is carefully documented to keep serving the community long after they are sold.

Mandarin Mansion Antiques has lots of experience in the world of antique arms and historical arms research. They advised various authors, museum curators, fellow researchers, film and documentary makers, educative institutions and private collectors. Expertise focuses mostly on the antique arms and armor of the east, including China, Southeast Asia, colonial maritime Asia, Korea, Mongolia, Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, the Middle East, up to the Ottoman Empire and Eastern Europe.

Mandarin Mansion Antiques
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