Memory Vrijheidsmuseum

Visitors will experience the period 1935 – 1945, from the rise of Nazism to the liberation of Europe.

Very little of the history of the Dutch Voluntary Landstorm has been preserved. An exception is the life story of Major van Loo, commander of the 2nd Depot Battalion Voluntary Landstorm Corps Motor Service in Haarlem. He has a unique collection of films, photos, equipment and uniforms. In doing so, he continues to give a face to the former Voluntary Landstormers.
HWW has adapted a display head that shows similarities with photos of Major van Loo in such a way that a look-alike head has been created.

The Memory Freedom Museum in Nijverdal takes you on the hard-won journey to what is now called our freedom.

How the Second World War came about. How we as the Netherlands have defended our freedom against the invading enemy. How the occupying forces oppressed us for five years and took away our freedoms. And how thousands of men from a faraway country did the unthinkable: sacrifice their lives to make freedom possible for the Dutch again. All this regardless of what we think freedom is in the present…

What is your role in this? What influence do you have on your own freedom or on the freedom of someone else?

Memory Vrijheidsmuseum
the Netherlands

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