Musée Baillet Latour

Display & photos by Costume & Wardrobe

Count Maximilian Anton Karl Baillet de Latour (French: Maximilien-Antoine-Charles-Joseph Comte de Baillet de Latour) (14 December 1737 – 22 July 1806) was an Austrian general during the French Revolutionary Wars. Born at Latour Castle in the Austrian Netherlands (present-day Belgium), he joined the Austrian Army in 1755 and distinguished himself in the Seven Years’ War.

Musée Baillet Latour

This museum offers two subjects that have left their tracks in the area. First, the history of the prestigious Baillet-Latour family, and the tragic moments of the Battle of the Borders that took place in August 1914. The collections and documents are unique.


Costume & Wardrobe

Costume & Wardrobe was in charge of the design of a Maximilien de Baillet-Latour mannequin for the Latour Museum in Belgium. The company provides a specialist service in the manufacture and rental of historical costumes (mainly military and police) from all eras with a predisposition for the Napoleonic period and the 20th century wars of 14-18 and 39-45.

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