Yves Obyn

Installation made by Yves Obyn for the project “Buren bij kunstenaars” in Western Flanders, Belgium.


Oh, Beehive! tells the story of how bees came to cultivate our earth and uses the visual language of the first moon landing. The work concerns a lunar lander, made from wood from the same type of pallet (nd-1 container), after the model of the lunar lander of the apollo11 mission, built on true size. In addition, 2 mannequins, dressed in beekeeping clothes, white suits, make the link to the astronauts who manned the lunar lander.

As mannequins I used 2 flexible male figures. I work more often with sets and staging and that comes in handy, plus the intention is to recreate the official photo series of the first moon landing, very handy with the mannequins!

More work of Yves Obyn:  http://vimeo.com/user2743490/videos

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