DFMM-01 Bust with flexarms (Small)

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Height Shoulder width(1) Chest girth Waist girth
46 cm  37 cm 79 cm 68 cm
18 inch  15 inch 31 inch 27 inch
(1)We measure the shoulder width over the back from shoulder bone to shoulder bone. For the width between the outer side of the arms, add ± 5 cm / 2 inches.

The bust is the same as the upper body from MMP-M01 Small standing man
The bust has flexible arms with soft plastic hands with bendable fingers.
The stands are not included and can be obtained as optional extra.

Matching heads
► This display figure is standard supplied without head. You can select a matching head.
► The mounted head can be rotated in a horizontal angle.

The legs PLM01 and PLM02 do not fit anatomically on this bust.

Head options

Most of our heads will fit on this bust.

Silicone head

Fiberglass head

Fiberglass head with extended neck
You should cut the neck yourself
for the correct fit.
Contact us for advise 

Mounting options

This torso can be placed on a stand, flexible legs or as stand-alone:

Optional stand


Bust on STAND14

Bust extended with foam
on STAND14

Optional neck adapter

STAND21 can be slid into the neck

The bust with the stand in the neck

Hat on top of the stand

More options

Contact us to discuss possibilities and prices

Flexarm with silicone hand
and flexarm without hand

Hinged arm and
flexarm with fabric
covered flexible fingers

You can enlarge the body
with foam between
the plateau and bust

Metal shoulder pieces

Additional information

Weight 15 kg

Extra Small (XS)

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