FFLEX01R Tall hard foam lady

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► Height incl. head ± 180 cm / ± 5’11”

Height Shoulder width(1) Chest girth Waist girth Hips girth Inseam legs(2)
± 180 cm 87 cm 66 cm 83 cm
± 71 inch 34 inch 26 inch 33 inch
(1)We measure the shoulder width over the back from shoulder bone to shoulder bone. For the width between the outer side of the arms, add ± 5 cm / 2 inches.
(2)We measure the inseam of the legs from the crotch to the top of the foot.

Rigid display figure
► The museum figure is made of hard foam and has an elasticated fabric cover.
► An inner metal frame in the display figure provides the necessary sturdiness.

► This display figure need a stand to remain standing.
► You can select a matching stand below.
► If you are a customer outside the European Union and you like to order an additional stand, please contact us before ordering, because the size of the stand may be to long for a standard parcel to your country.

Matching heads
► This display figure is standard supplied without head. You can select a matching head.
► The mounted head can be slightly rotated in a horizontal and vertical angle.

Arms & hands
► The arms are fixed at the body with a spiral joint
► This museum figure comes standard with flexarms with painted hands, made of flexible synthetics.
► Perfectionists choose flexarms with life-like silicone hands. Contact us for availability.

► If you wish any adaptations, please contact us. We can customize this flexible display figure according to your needs.

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