MFLEX-A05 175cm Active flexible male museum figure

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Fit for active positions like walking with (marching) kit.
Stands extra stably through reinforced frame.

► Horizontally or vertically mountable arms
► Painted pvc rubber hands
► Two foot pins

► Head (for options: see below)

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► Height excl. head 155 cm / 5’1″
► Height incl. head ± 175 cm / ± 5’9″

Height Shoulder width(1) Chest girth Waist girth Hips girth Inseam legs(2)
± 175 cm 41 cm 77 cm 64 cm 80 cm 76 cm
± 69 inch 16 inch 30 inch 25 inch 31 inch 30 inch
(1)We measure the shoulder width over the back from shoulder bone to shoulder bone. For the width between the outer side of the arms, add ± 5 cm / 2 inches.
(2)We measure the inseam of the legs from the crotch to the top of the foot.

Flexible display figure

► Body positionable in almost every position.
► The museum figure is made of soft foam and has an elasticated fabric cover.
► A bendable inner metal frame in the display figure provides the necessary sturdiness.


► This display figure can sit independent, but need one or two foot pins to remain standing. The mannequin can stand on only one foot, if balanced correctly.
► You can lock the knee joints with an Allen key.
► Two foot pins are included.

Matching heads

► This display figure is standard supplied without head. You can select a matching head.
► The mounted head can be slightly rotated in a horizontal and vertical angle.

To complete this mannequin:
first click on "Add to cart" button, than choose a head from one of the following categories:
Heads that connects with a spring to the body:

Silicone heads

Extra realistic heads

Realistic heads

Abstract heads

Heads that connects with a special adapter to the body:

Extended neck heads

These heads have longer necks and connects with a special adapter (stand21) to the body, or just can slide over the body without the adapter. Please note: If the neck is too long, wide or narrow for our various models of bodies, the necks can be shortened or adjusted accordingly. When you are not sure if a desired head fits,  please contact us before ordering.

Special adapter stand21:

Arms & hands

► The arms can be mounted horizontally or vertically. If it is mounted vertically, there is some space on top of the shoulder, which you can fill with rags.
► The arms are fixed at the body with a spiral joint.
► This museum figure comes standard with flexarms with realistic painted hands, made of PVC rubber.

Choose different arms:

The pvc rubber hands looks pretty lifelike and combine well with fiberglass heads. If you choose a silicone head, we advise to choose matching silicone hands, for an uniform hyperrealistic appearance.
First click on the “Add to cart” button, than choose the arms:

Silicone hands
Arms with glove hands
Price on request
Arms with
fabric covered hands

Price on request
Arms without hands
Price on request

Airbrushed hands on demand

We can (at extra costs) airbrush the PVC-rubber hands for you. If desired we airbrush the hands and head, so they will match perfect. Examples are front soldiers during heavy battle covered with dirt and blood, or a potter at work (see the pictures below).


► Depending on the size and shape of a person, we frequently use male bodies for the presentation of ladies dressed in historical clothing. You can easily do it yourself »

View some examples of customized flexible mannequins (pop-up) »

► If you wish any adaptations, contact us. We can customize this flexible display figure according to your needs.

Our flexible mannequins can be bent in many different positions
flexible mannequin in carflexible mannequin on stairsflexible mannequin behind deskdrunken flexible mannequin

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