MHA839 Realistic mens head Ø56cm | Airbrushed

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Head circumference

  • 56 cm / 22 inch

Unique lifelike airbrushed male fibreglass display head.

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Head circumference

  • 56 cm / 22 inch

Airbrushed fibreglass display head
Each head has an unique painting.

Our airbrushing technique
When beauty vloggers talk about an airbrushed look, they want to look like their skin is photoshopped: every pore, spot and wrinkle is hidden by a thick layer of make-up. Everything to hide a natural life-like skin.
When we talk about airbrushing our mannequins, we use airbrushing techniques to apply pores and spots and to emphasise wrinkles. Everything to show a natural life-like skin.

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► We use realistic prosthetic eyes.

Because implanting of hairs is not possible, hairs have to be glued or painted.
► Eyelashes have been glued.
► Eyebrows and stubbles have been painted.
► For hair on the head you can choose between our wigsmoustaches & beards or a custom made hair-piece.


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Age indication



56cm / 22in


Eyes open, Mouth half open



Skin colour


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