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HWW Museum Mannequins
designs and produces
ultra-realistic display mannequins
for museums, companies, research institutes and collectors.

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COVID-19 update: All products on our website are in stock and can be shipped. We send packages daily. We are open to new projects and can develop and produce these items.

Post-Brexit update: Not all tax and transport rules for exports to the UK are clear yet. This is currently our approach: If you have a VAT or EORI number, please contact us. In other cases, we charge 21% extra (formerly VAT) and use this to pay import duties through our carrier. You do not have to pay import duties yourself. If you have any questions, please contact us !

Mix & match the bodyparts

Our silicone and fibreglass heads and arms are compatible with our flexible figures and fibreglass mannequins.

Create your own unique museum figures

If you can’t find your optimal configuration, please contact us and we will help you with a solution.

We can create custom-made display figures according to your wishes, or you can order out-of-the-box products in our webshop.

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