Ideas & Details

In this section we show ideas and applications and discuss materials and possibilities in more detail.

Airbrushing mannequins

Custom airbrushing
Optical effects, wrinkles, stubbles, spots, etc.

Special effects applied on display mannequins

Special effects
Wounds, injuries, tattoos, piercings, tears, dust

Prosthetic teeth for display mannequins

Realistic Teeth
Prosthetic teeth, painted teeth, special dentures e.g. rotten teeth

Hairstyling of silicone display heads

Hair cutting & styling
Custom styling, beard trimming, stubbles, extensions, braiding

Sculpted hair on display mannequin heads

Sculpted hair
Sculpted in mould, hair, eyebrows, moustaches

Implanted eyebrows in silicone display mannequin head

Implanted, sculpted or painted

Skin texture display mannequins

Skin texture
Complexion, wrinkles

Look-alike display mannequins

Look-alike display mannequins
Historical figures, celebrities, family, friends

Display mannequins in various skin colors

Colourful people
Men & women from around the globe: Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America

Custom made versus Customized display mannequins

Custom-made vs Customized Made from scratch versus

Male to female mannequin body transformation

Male to female mannequin body transformation
How to use small male bodies for the presentation of ladies dressed in historical clothing.

Custom made display figure bodies

Custom made display figure bodies
We make special bodies and body parts on demand.

Animatronics, display mannequins with movement, vision & sound

Animatronics, vision & sound
Some examples of our animatronics and sound & vision projects.

Display mannequin sizes

Display mannequin sizes
Body sizes, head sizes, hand & arm sizes

Eyewitness Museum

Lifelike display mannequins for militaria collectors
Many of our bodies and heads are designed for militaria display