Ideas & Details

In this section we show ideas and applications and discuss materials and possibilities in more detail.

Custom heads
Custom heads >
How we make look-alike
and custom heads
Airbrushing mannequins
Custom airbrushing >
Optical effects, wrinkles, stubbles, spots, etc.
Ideas: Special effects
Special effects >
Wounds, injuries, tattoos, piercings, tears, dust
Prosthetic teeth for display mannequins
Realistic Teeth >
Prosthetic teeth, painted teeth, special dentures e.g. rotten teeth
Hairstyling of silicone display heads
Hair cutting & styling >
Custom styling, beard trimming, stubbles, extensions, braiding
Sculpted hair on display mannequin heads
Sculpted hair >
Sculpted in mould, hair, eyebrows, moustaches
Implanted eyebrows in silicone display mannequin head
Eyebrows >
Implanted, sculpted or painted
Skin texture display mannequins
Skin texture >
Complexion, wrinkles
Look-alike display mannequins
Look-alike display mannequins >
Historical figures, celebrities, family, friends
Display mannequins in various skin colors
Colourful people >
Men & women from around the globe: Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America
Custom made versus Customized display mannequins
Custom-made versus Customized >
Made from scratch versus
Custom made display figure bodies
Custom made display figure bodies >
We make special bodies and body parts on demand.
Animatronics, display mannequins with movement, vision & sound
vision & sound >
Some examples of our animatronics and sound & vision projects.
Display mannequin sizes
Display mannequin sizes >
Body sizes, head sizes, hand & arm sizes
Male to female mannequin body transformation
Male to female mannequin body transformation >
How to use small male bodies for the presentation of ladies dressed in historical clothing.
Eyewitness Museum
Lifelike display mannequins for militaria collectors >
Many of our bodies and heads are designed for militaria display
Resin soaked clothes diorama
Figures with resin soaked clothes >
Suitable for (semi-)outdoor conditions
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