Resin display figures

Sometimes you need display figures in a place where you can’t influence the weather conditions. A display figure wearing ordinary clothing will not last long and will weather quickly. For situations such as these, we make figures to order whose clothing is soaked in resin. The treated clothing hardens and is resistant to moisture and (moderate) weather conditions. As a result, these figures last much longer. These figures can be used in (semi-)outdoor conditions.

We position the dressed figures in the desired position, after which we treat them with resin. We can then deliver them in monochrome or full colour.

The farmer and the trader
The clothes are impregnated with resin and the display figures are sprayed monochrome.
The farmer and the trader
Original set-up before the clothes were treated with resin and painted.
Puss in Boots
Puss in Boots in fairy-tale park

Please note that these figures do not have eternal life either. Place them in a sheltered spot as much as possible to reduce the influence of sun, wind and rain.

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