We make look-alike mannequins of existing and historical persons

We sculpt life-size 3-dimensional clay models based on 2-dimensional images. As a result, the modeler sometimes has to make assumptions. Depending on the quality of the images, we can approximate reality. We cannot guarantee absolute similarity based on images alone. That is why we involve the client in the entire production process, so that together we support the choices made.

By showing look-alike heads in the right decor and with the right attributes, it becomes clear to every spectator who is meant. Fun fact: Even the celebrities sometimes lose their own look-alike contest. According to wikipedia, Dolly Parton has lost a ‘Dolly Parton Look-Alike Contest’.

How we make a look-alike display mannequin head

We offer various options for look-alike heads, each with its own price tag. With all options you will be involved in the process and we will proceed to the next step after your agreement.

Modifying an existing head

• Based on images we select a head as close as possible;
• New highly realistic airbrush painting;
• Applying specific features;
• Applying (facial) hair.

Making a new head

• Based on images we make a clay model;
• Based on the clay model we make a mold;
• The head is made from the mold. It is possible to make multiple identical pieces;
• Highly realistic airbrush painting;
• Applying (facial) hair.

Image requirements

We make look-alike heads in collaboration with the client. We depend on your images for the best results:

  • The images may consist of photographs or pictures of paintings and drawings;
  • Provide as many images as possible from one time period, people change over the years;
  • The more angles someone is portrayed from, the better;
  • Choose one main image. This is the base for the clay head. The rest of the images are supportive;
  • If there is any uncertainty about the color of eyes and hair, please indicate which colors you prefer.

Gál Gábor look-alike display head

For this look-alike we used head mmph-48 which showed similarity. We spray painted this head and fitted it with a matching wig and beard.

Anne Frank look-alike display head

Winston Churchill look-alike display head

Clay model of German soldier during the Battle of the Bulge

Bestebreurtje look-alike display head

Chris look-alike display head

Columbo look-alike display head

Henri de Toulouse – Lautrec look-alike display head

Josephine Baker look-alike display head and body

Gavin look-alike display head

Maximilien de Baillet Latour look-alike display head

Oebele look-alike display head

Carol II of Romania look-alike display head

Roza ‘the sniper’ Shanina look-alike display head

Snow White diorama

Thomas Mann look-alike display head

Marilyn Monroe look-alike display head

Barack Obama look-alike display head

Jack Sparrow look-alike display head

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