Custom made versus Customized

Custom-made: made from scratch

We will make you a head, figure or product according to your wishes and instructions.

The following is important for the best result:

  • The idea and purpose behind your wish: the more we know, the better we can advise you and fulfill your wishes.
  • The sizes: are there restrictions on space, or on specific clothing or headgear that need to fit? Important are body length, posture, head circumference and neck girth.
  • The kind of diorama: is the diorama indoors or outdoors, in sun or shadow, in dry or humid conditions,? What is the supposed atmosphere of the diorama: e.g. a battlefield, coal mine, office, jungle or historical ship?

After the clay model is finished and approved by you, we will make molds and finish the product in the desired material with painting and implantation.

Customized: Modification of an existing product

You have found a product on our website, but it’s not entirely meeting your wishes.
We can customise it to your liking.

Cosmetic adjustments (makeover)
These include cutting and modeling of hairs, re-painting or applying wounds or body decoration.

Production from an existing mould
More rigorous is to reproduce the product in a material of your choice, with attributes as painting, hair, eyes and teeth according your instructions. Often we can reuse a mould to reproduce the product. The final product will be cheaper with a shorter production time, compared with a new custom-made product.

If you’re looking for a specific (historical) person, there is a chance we’ve made this person before. Or maybe we have heads with a resemblance in stock, which we can give a makeover. If you share your thoughts with us, we’ll see how we can help you within your budget.

What information do we need for production?

Quantity & material

Do you need a once-only unique head or multiple copies? In what material do we have to produce? If we know this, we can determine what kind of mould we have to make. The price per unit will be much cheaper at series production than for a single unique product.
Serial production is interesting in promotional actions, for example: to showcase the look alike of a famous athlete, politician, world leader or regional icon. These personalities can provide additional attention and sales for your products and services.


Research and timely communication of the correct information in the early stages of design is essential. Photos and custom requests sent during or after the process are confusing and cause additional costs to adjust the sculpture or mold. We can make a sculpture from an image, but the more we know and can see, the better and more similar the result.

Living and available persons
Take as many photos of the person as possible from all sides (360 degrees). Consider the desired facial expression.

Historical or unreachable persons
Choose one high-resolution photo that guides the designer. Collect as many supported photos as possible to fill in details. Ensure good quality photos without deep shadows.
Colorized photos from the middle of the last century and photos retouched with Photoshop give a distorted image of the facial features and are unsuitable.


Head circumference, neck circumference and body height are the minimum we need to know, but the more measures the better the result.


We can apply any skin color and even seasonal effects such as sunburn or winter cold. Also provides us with eye color, hair color and possibly specific features such as spots and birthmarks.


It is extremely difficult to exactly match the personality when a person has an open mouth. It is necessary to get good pictures and sizes of the teeth and mouth.

Head position

Has the head a specific horizontal or vertical position? Think of the viewing direction: looking left, right or straight forward. Should there be any emotion on the face (angry / happy)?


Will the head placed on a body? What will be the posture? On which body of our website, or do you already have a body? In what setting display?


Do you need the head provided with piercings, special makeup (eg miner or war situation), scars, patches, tattoos and the like?

Hair style and facial hair

What kind of haircut and facial hair has the head?

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