Special effects on display figures

Many of our customers want to present their special collection in a unique way. We are happy to help them with this. Even we sometimes have to scratch our heads about how we are going to solve this, but we always come to a satisfactory solution.

Wounds & injuries on display figures

War, violence and accidents are unfortunately part of life. This results in injuries to humans. Our display mannequins are not spared either: gaping wounds, bruises, blood spatters, amputations and dead bodies. It can all be realized for museums and militaria collectors who want to show shocking but realistic action scenes.

Silicone display legs with multiple wounds

Silicone is a fairly soft material so that we can actually apply the wounds and provide them with the correct colors.

Battered woman silicone display head

A silicone display head of a woman who may have been a victim of domestic violence, or who has just come out of a home destroyed by bombing.

Silicone display head with blood, snot and tears

Silicone display head with spattered blood, snot and tears. Not every display mannequin head is suitable for these types of effects. Here we have chosen a head where the emotion can be read. The closed eyes and open mouth enhance the dramatic effect.

Silicone display hands with sand and blood on fingers

Silicone display hands with sand and blood on the knuckles and around the nails. The hands fits on the flexible arms.

Silicone display head with heavy bruising in the neck

Male silicone display head with multiple scratches and a heavy bruising or burnmark in the neck.

Fibreglass display head with wounds

Fibreglass (polyester) is a hard and rigid material, so deeper-lying wounds have to be applied during the production process. Superficial wounds and bodily fluids such as blood and tears can be applied post-production.

Tattoos on silicone and fibreglass display figures

Because the display mannequins are not exposed to wind and weather, we apply tattoo-like images with paint.

Piercings in display figures

From simple earrings and pendants to barbells, studs, plugs and tunnels. Everything is possible in the relatively soft silicone display figures! The possibilities are somewhat more limited in the hard fibreglass mannequins.

Tears on display mannequin heads

We apply tears and other body fluids with a resin. The way we do it, it will keep looking damp, but will not dry up.

Tears on silicone display heads

From hushed to great sorrow, tears add an extra dimension to the facial expressions of museum figures.

Tears on fibreglass display heads

On request we can apply tears on children or adult fibreglass display mannequin heads.


We use different techniques to apply (the illusion of) snow, droplets or dust on mannequins. If necessary, we will search until we achieve the desired result.

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