Airbrushing special effects on display figures

Like many of our customers, we don’t like the ordinary. Our display mannequins are not destined for mainstream fashion stores, but for museums, companies and individuals who want to show something special. We go the extra mile for the perfect presentation. Blood, sweat and tears are sometimes part of that. Or striking features on heads and hands. We have a number of airbrush adapted display products in stock: use the product filter on the category pages to see if what you are looking for already exists. If not, on request we customize our display figures for you, entirely according to your wishes. Our airbrush artist is up for a challenge!

Flexarms with airbrushed PVC-rubber hands

On the back of the hand, palm, fingers and nails, shades of color have been applied over the standard color. The veins and folds are accentuated. These hands are suitable for realistic dioramas where the visitor comes close to the display mannequins.

Silicone hands with blood

These silicone hands fit our bendable display arms. Small hairs are implanted on the hands. The “blood” has been applied with an airbrush and it turns into a light spatter pattern at the edges. These hands are very suitable for medical exhibitions, but also for portraying wounds in violent and war situations.

Silicone hands with sand & blood

These hands are treated with a combination of paint and sand. Blood-colored paint has been applied to the knuckles and around nails. These display hands can be used to portray harsh conditions and survival situations.

Fibreglass head with airbrushed wrinkles and stubble

No hairs can be implanted on polyester display heads. The hairs of the eyebrows and rough stubble are painted by airbrush. The wrinkles in the face are optically enhanced by airbrush and creates a realistic 3D effect.

Fibreglass head with airbrushed wrinkles and stubble. The moustache is glued.

The wrinkles, the eyebrows and the stubble are airbrush painted. The moustache is glued. In addition to moustaches, we also stock beards, sideburns and wigs.

Fibreglass elderly lady head with airbrushed wrinkles

The wrinkles of the elderly lady are airbrushed on the smooth skin of a female display head. The optical aging is thus entirely applied by painting techniques.

Polyester ladies display head with freckles and wig

The extra blush on the cheeks and freckles are painted. The lady is wearing a half-length wig.

Male fibreglass display head with folds in the face

Not everyone has tight skin. This man appears to have been through a lot and has deep folds in the face, perhaps from a hard life or from worries. The lines and grooves in the face are airbrushed.

Airbrushed fibreglass display head with rotten teeth

The teeth are partially painted black for a dramatic effect. Especially in earlier times dental care was often absent, which could result in rotting teeth. To prevent visitors from missing the essence of display figures during an exhibition, effects are sometimes magnified.

Roman potter with airbrushed hands and head

The potter’s head and hands are airbrushed with many details, including dried clay.

Various examples

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