Lifelike display mannequins for militaria collectors

An interesting article on Military Trader indicates that at least 61% of the militaria collectors studied by them collect helmets and around 40 % also other headgear and uniforms. And if you put a lot of time (and usually money) into your collection and are proud on it, you want to display it nicely!

War museum Eyewitness
Japanese soldier display mannequin

3D experience

A militaria collector is usually proud of his masterpieces and wants to show them off well. The museum figures of HWW Museum Mannequins are extremely suitable for this. Placing the military objects on a realistic head or mannequin creates a spatial experience. You can walk around it and view it from different angles. That is quite different from a uniform on a hanger! By using multiple display figures in different positions, you can easily create dioramas.

Lifelike realistic heads in many expressions

We take pride in making realistic heads. In fact, many of the heads we make are focused to depict extreme situations and suffering. Like the collectors, most soldiers are male, so our focus is on men’s heads. In addition to weathered faces of various ages, we make polyester and silicone heads with gunshot wounds, closed eyes and screaming and crying men’s faces. Unlike the standard fashion window heads, most of our heads show stubble growth.

American soldier miltary display head

Depending on the materials used, the hairs on the head can be sprayed, or even implanted piece by piece in the case of silicone heads. If desired, we can fully optimize heads with airbrush for the desired purpose. Think of wrinkles, dirt, injuries, blood, sweat and tears and skin abnormalities. The heads fit the bodies of our museum figures and flexible mannequins.

MSH854 Male silicone head - front view
Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery look a like display head

Custom-made heads of special persons

For collectors who own a unique uniform, we make heads of the corresponding person. Think of army leaders and higher officers, but also of veterans and family members to whom the uniform actually belonged and fought in it. We make a clay model of the head on the basis of photos supplied. After approval by the client, we turn it into a realistic polyester or silicone head. We use prosthetic eyes and, if desired, prosthetic teeth. We finish the heads with a lifelike painting and can implant facial and scalp hairs in the silicone heads. These heads also fit our museum figures.

Adjustable bodies and arms with realistic hands

Only on roll call does a soldier stand upright. Conflict and war situations are full of action. You also want to show this in the displays of your militaria collection. We offer display figures with hinged joints, but also fully poseable military male mannequin bodies. It is possible to combine these two systems: for example a rigid polyester figure with flexible arms. The arms can then be adjusted so that the display figure holds binoculars or a rifle.

Airborne - militaria display figure

Our flexible arms have silicone or PVC-rubber forearms and hands with fingers that are slightly bendable, allowing to hold objects well. Depending on the purpose, a choice can be made for hands with basic painting, realistic painting (special effects such as blood and dirt are possible) and even implanted body hair.

Lifelike silicone display hands suitable for holding a rifle

Put on footwear without making holes

To avoid having to make holes in footwear, we offer tripods with a waist strap, so that there is no need for a pin through the base. With our flexible mannequins, the foot is bendable and boots can also be put on. Most shoes can be put on with the polyester figures, but part of the foot will have to be sawn off before putting on boots.

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