How to turn a male body into a female body

Depending on the size and shape of a person, we frequently use male bodies for the presentation of ladies dressed in historical clothing.

Transform a male body into a female body:

  1. Choose a short fibreglass or flexibele male body, such as MFLEX06 (The height including head is ± 155 cm / ± 5’1″);
  2. Exchange the standard arms for arms with matching female hands. For working woman’s hands you can use small male hands;
  3. Shape the body to more female proportions by adding padding material like a role on the hips and fill a bra with artificial breasts or soft padding material to achieve the desired shape/result. On request we make padding suits to transform a man to a woman, or to give a body some more shape and volume;
  4. Choose a female head to fit the body.
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