Animatronics, vision & sound

Some examples of our animatronics and sound & vision projects.

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Sexmuseum Amsterdam

For Sexmuseum Amsterdam we have made the painter Toulouse Lautrec with a moving arm. While he is painting, a picture appears on his canvas, which is in reality a display screen. The static silicone figure of Josephine Baker is spinning around on a rotating disc, while in the background authentic scenes are projected. Visitors can view more information on touchscreens with luxurious bronze frames. If they retire to the lavatory, they will be surprised with an animation in the mirror, triggered by a motion sensor.


The arm of Toulouse Lautrec:


Radar triggered sound and light effects

When a visitor walks past the hidden radar, the lamps in the suitcase will light and a the custom officer will talk to the passer-by.


Animatronics: The brave little tailor

For a fairyland we have adapted a flexible figure. When a visitor push the button, the tailors arm will lift and come down to kill the flies.

Animatronics: The Brave Little Tailor
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