AFF-BWM01 Female flexible arms | large working hands; medium arms

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Due to the size of the shoulder, this set of arms fits anatomically best on our male fibreglass museum figures. Smaller men’s figures can be used as women’s figures with strategically placed padding under the clothing.
The arms AFF-BWM are anatomically suitable for our female fibreglass museum figures.

More realistic dioramas
Bendable arms with flexible hands are the ultimate solution for display mannequins and museum figures to grab items in a realistic way. With flex arms you give the figures a lively attitude, what results in more realistic dioramas.

The soft foam filled arms, hands and fingers are separate bendable. A bendable inner metal frame in the arm which splits to each finger, provides the necessary sturdiness.

Flex arms specifications

Material: PVC-rubber
Painting: realistic painting
Frame: bendable intern metal frame

Material: soft foam with textile cover
Frame: bendable intern metal frame
Connection with body: bayonet or hook

Weight 2 kg
Arm connection

Bayonet, Hook

Age indication




Skin colour



Large hands, Medium arms

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