AFM-BLL Male flexible arms | large hands; large arms

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This set of flexible arms is suitable for our fibreglass museum figures with a length of approximately 165-170 cm (5’5″-5’7″). Suitable for the following museum figures (in shortest position): MMP-M01, MMP-M08A, MMP-M09.

More realistic dioramas
Bendable arms with flexible hands are the ultimate solution for display mannequins and museum figures to grab items in a realistic way. With flex arms you give the figures a lively attitude, what results in more realistic dioramas.

The soft foam filled arms, hands and fingers are separate bendable. A bendable inner metal frame in the arm which splits to each finger, provides the necessary sturdiness.

Flex arms specifications

Material: PVC-rubber
Painting: realistic painting
Frame: bendable intern metal frame

Material: soft foam with textile cover
Frame: bendable intern metal frame
Connection with body: bayonet or hook

Weight 2 kg
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Skin colour



Large arms, Large hands

Shoulder connection


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