HSB897 Historical size / teenage body with silicone head | 162 cm

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Body length including head: 162 cm / 5’4″

► Fibreglass body
► Silicone head

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Body length including head: 162 cm / 5’4″

With this size body you will approach the average height in the old days. You can also use the figures to portray fantasy and fairy tale characters such as dwarves and goblins.

In these photos, this figure has two different arms and PVC rubber female hands. With this, we want to show you that a lot is possible and that you can decide for yourself what your mannequin will look like. Share your wishes with us and ask for the possibilities.

The heads shown are unique silicone heads that we also sell separately. Before ordering, please contact us to ask if the head you want is still available. Other silicone heads that are small in size may also fit this body. We can help you with that choice.

► Fibreglass body
► Silicone head

► This display mannequin can be mounted on the base with a foot pin or a calf pin.
► The base, foot pin and calf pin are included.

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