MMP-HE15N Seated hinged man | Adjustable ± 176 cm

400.00 excl. VAT

Standard included:
► Height adjustable hinged waist
► Fibreglass arms with hinged elbow
► Base plate with foot pin and calf pin

Optional (for options: see below):
► Silicone or fibreglass head
► Flexible arms
► Custom airbrush painting

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Height Shoulder
 ± 176 cm 36 cm 87 cm 70 cm 87 cm
 ± 69 inch 14 inch 34 inch 28 inch 34 inch
(1)We measure the shoulder width over the back from shoulder bone to shoulder bone. For the width between the outer side of the arms, add ± 5 cm / 2 inches.
(2)We measure the inseam of the legs from the crotch to the top of the foot.

Hinged and adjustable in length
► The body, arms and legs are adjustable in length by the hinges at the waist, elbows and knees.

► This display mannequin can sit indepent.
► No base is provided. The shown seat is not included.

The height of the mannequin with head is an indication.
The exact height depends on the following factors:

  • The height of the choosen head;
  • The connection between the head and body. Because of differences in circumferences between the necks of bodies and heads, some heads will sink deeper over the necks of the bodies;
  • If we indicate a range, the height of the upper body is adjustable.


► This display mannequin can be mounted on the base with a foot pin or a calf pin.
► The base, foot pin and calf pin are included.

Matching heads

► This display figure is standard supplied without head. You can select a matching head.
► The mounted head can be slightly rotated in a horizontal and vertical angle.

To complete this mannequin:
First click on "Add to cart" button, than choose a head from one of the following categories:

Silicone heads

Extra realistic heads

Realistic heads

Arms & hands

► The arms are fixed at the body with a joint

To upgrade this mannequin:
Choose flexible arms if you want to bend the arms in a more natural position. If you choose a silicone head, we advise to choose matching silicone hands, for an uniform hyperrealistic appearance. First click on the "Add to cart" button to order the body, than choose flexarms in one of these categories:

Or choose for forearms with flexible hands: 


► If you wish any adaptations, contact us. We can customize this museum mannequin according to your needs.

Additional information

Weight 26 kg


Body length

170-180 cm