MSHAND900 Senior male silicone hands for flexible arms

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Palm size (A):

Hand length (B):

Hand + forearm length (C):

21 cm / 8 inch

17 cm / 7 inch

33 cm / 13 inch

Hand size

Life-like display hands
► The hands look like real by the combination of:
→ realistic shaped silicone
→ true-to-life painting
→ implanted hair
► The fingers are individually bendable (within limits).

► We have a limited number of pieces in stock.
► We make these hands on request and can customize the painting and the hair to your wishes.

Compatible with our flexible arms
► These hands can be atached to our different flexarms.
► Contact us. for advise on matching flexible arms

Connection hand
with flexarm

Bayonet or hook
connection flexarm
with fibreglass body

Spiral connection
with flexbody

Example of flexarms
on fibreglass body

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
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Skin colour