Museum Grade Layer Set

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The materials from the “Museum Figure Conservation Grade Layer Set” are used to prevent contact between the museum figure and delicate or irreplaceable clothing. The material is chemically inert and acid and CFC free

In addition, the materials can be used for filling gaps (e.g. a hinged waist) and for accentuating certain body parts (chest, abdomen and buttocks).

The “Museum Figure Conservation Grade Layer Set” provides enough material for a separation layer and normal padding for a museum figure.

The “Museum Figure Conservation Grade Layer Set” contains:

  • 1x PE foam sheet 20x30x5cm
  • 1x PE foam sheet 20x30x10cm
  • 8m2 3mm thick PE foam sheet
  • 1x roll PP acid free tape
  • 1x non-woven polyethylene body cover in small museum size. This body cover is also known as coverall, overall, jumpsuit, boilersuit.
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