WHC135-210 Canvas Block Head

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Head circumference (A):

Height head + neck (B):

53 cm / 21 inch

34 cm / 13.5 inch

  • Stand-alone display head,
  • Excl. wig.

To add a stand as an extra to this head:

  1. Click on this page on the “Add to cart” button to order this head. The product will appear in your Shopping Cart;
  2. Click on the link or image to go to the page Stand for canvas block head;
  3. Click on that page on the “Add to cart” button to order the stand. The stand will be added to your cart.

Versatile use

This head is used by our customers for private and commercial display of caps & hats, wigs, goggles & glasses, face covers, head phones and art projects. How do you like to use this head?

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